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About us

WORX consists of a group of charismatic & creative people, trying to provide
robust and aesthetically pleasing software solutions to complex business problems.

Agile vs Waterfall

There is no battle to begin with! Waterfall has worked for corporations for many years. Agile is an old concept which has evolved based on the needs of the modern business models for rapid software development.
Adopting Agile methods in a Waterfall environment is not an easy task and requires collaboration and an open mind. Once the connection between business and the development teams has been established, the software becomes a living organism which quickly adapts to changes and evolves on every cycle.

- Gregory Spiliotopoulos -
Software Architect

Our Services

We specialise in Cloud based Desktop & Mobile software solutions. Our proven methodologies and approach have empowered our clients to overcome every day problems through innovation and capitalising on opportunities, surpassing their competitors.

We are passionate about software design & development

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WORX Office

Level 1, 1010 King Georges Rd
Blakehurst, Sydney 2221

1300 323 872